Someone who pretends to hate someone or something just to attempt to make themselves look cool.
Guy 1: Man, Mike is such a Bandwagon Hater, he tells everyone he hates Miley Cyrus but I know for a fact he owns all of her CDs.
Guy 2: Yeah, I hate people like that.
by Q-Klips January 25, 2010
Somebody who says that they hate something (usually related to musicians, movies, TV shows etc.) but has never actually seen or heard the aforementioned thing. They usually just read a bunch of other people's comments online and decide that they're going to feel that way now because everyone else does.
"Uh, Nickelback are literally the worst band ever. All their music is just generic"
"Dude, have you ever actually listened to any of their albums or songs?"
"Uh, no I haven't"
"Then you're being a bandwagon hater".
by OldMateSimmo November 23, 2022