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When you love so many bands, when you've been to far to many concerts, when your iTunes account is in debt, when most of your closet contains band tees, and when 70% of your brain contains lyrics and 30% is useless facts about band members.
Sam: why are those girls all wearing the same band tee?
Sarah: Because they are band trash!
by Panic! At the references! October 23, 2016
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Someone who has a deep love and respect for one or multiple bands. Who knows every song on a album from bands or band. Who would sell their left lung for tickets to a concert, who knows a lot more about band members than an average person should.... Who has a deep love for music. ( but you aren't really trash my darlings .. You are treasure ! Always remember this πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ)
I just made another Fall Out Boy meme, and I just got my 10th Panic! Shirt. Oh!! And did you know that Bandit's (Gerard Way's daughter) birthday is coming up!?!?...... Okay .... Ya I'm band trash...
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A word typically used to describe a fangirl/fanboy who is obsessed with a band.
Jayden: I'm such band trash, I listen to Panic! at the Disco every day!
by MyChemicalPsycho December 03, 2016
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A girl by the name of deanna who has an unhealthy obsession with bands and their singers
Person 1: hey you know that girl deanna

Person 2: yeah she's total band trash
by bandtrash101 January 16, 2017
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