Insult or put-down; Implies that one puts bananas up one's bum.
Brandon you fucking bananass, stfu and take a fucking seat.
by The Poopsmith April 10, 2003
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Banana fruit is a very rare fruit that can only be found in the deepest deepest part of the reindeer forest. The banana fruit has a magical side effect: If you eat it, the one you are in love with will fall in love with you for one year. Good luck!!
If you find a Bananass, then you gota say "OMG!!A bananass! If i eat it i will be happy! Lord, thankyou for have make me be lost i a reandeer forest so i can find a bananass!" Because it be the one thing you will manages to say
by PuRe_PeRfEkT_aNd_SeLfIsH January 1, 2022
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