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A serious condition in which a man forgets the existence of his genitalia, specifically, his testicles. The onset of this disease usually occurs under certain circumstances. When a man is in a relationship in which his every move is controlled and dictated by his partner, he is said to carry the main symptom of Ballzheimer's Disease. During social activity with others of his gender, the victim is said to regain his lost balls, however, once his partner returns or makes her presence known, the victim quickly relapses into having Ballzheimer's. This disease is usually observed in one sided relationships, where the woman is dominant.
"Hey, what happened to John last night? We were at the bar and he got a text from katie, then left frantically saying he was gonna miss the grey's anatomy marathon."

I worry about John. I think he's developing Ballzheimer's Disease.
by Imef October 10, 2010
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When a male is in the midst of sexual relations with a female and accidentally utters a different women's name.
Rob: So me and Tracy broke up.

Frank: Really? What happened?

Rob: Well she was going down on me and I yelled out Debbie. She got all pissed off and left.

Frank: Ah. Ballzheimer's Disease.
by Joe Fist January 23, 2009
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Ballzheimers Disease strikes many men in their late seventies and early eighties. Medical experts agree a long history of deviant sexual behaviour as well as drinking chemical beer contribute to this disorder, in which the affected men; forget where their balls are, forget they have balls, or begin to play with their balls incessantly forgetting all else.
Barry, fond of telling his favourite stories of barnyard sex, experienced a sudden onset of Ballzheimers disease right after his 81st birthday. Barry forgot his history of having sex with poultry, and began to watch "Oprah" and reruns of "Little house on the Prairie".
Barry forgot all about constantly fondling his balls while he talked, forgot all about sex in general, and soon was completely overtaken by the disease.
by Vinter July 21, 2008
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