To do at the maximum level capable; to accomplish with fervor or extreme tenacity.
Eric was boggin' his 4x4 pickup balls ass through the marsh with his pedal to the floor.
by El Maunu March 15, 2006
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n. The area between ones (usually male, occasionally transvestite's) testicles and anus (or, of course, balls and ass). The region is often covered with hard to shave hair, and may or may not contain a thin vertical stitching/lining of skin.
Also may refer to someone who is exceptionally "hokee" (pronounced hoe-key) or blatantly full-of-themself.
Works as a curse word in cases of realized clumsiness or stupidity.
-Also the alias of an exceptional Halo 2/Halo 3 player. (The name was eventually rejected from Xbox Live and the user forced to create a new one as part of Xbox Live policy.)
When he sat on a knife, doctors had to give him 8 stitches, right up the ballsass.

"Check out the balls on THAT ballsass!" -(in reference to a hokee individual.... acting hokee)
by V Ma December 02, 2007
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noun: The seam in the middle of a mans scrotum which runs from the base of the penis to the barse.
His balls ass had torn, allowing both testicles to fall to the floor.
by Mischmo25 October 08, 2009
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