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A really big good meal where everyone helps out and enjoys.

• Put the 15 Top Ramen soups in the trash bag (hold off on adding the seasoning packets).
• Add hot water and let sit. The longer the better as the soup will expand.
• When you open the trash bag all the water should be absorbed by the noodles.
• For best results add two cans of tuna, two cans of smoked oysters, and two cans of smoked clams.
• Add in all 15 Top Ramen seasoning packets at this time.
• Add 6 ounces of mayonnaise.
• Add any type of chips the homies saved from their lunches. (Hot Cheetos are preferred).
• You can get wild and throw in anything else you can steal from the kitchen, for example olives or left over chicken patties.
• Tie the trash bag up containing all the ingredients. Mix it up real good.
• Let stand for ten minutes.
Bust it open.
• Add to flour tortillas or bread to make good tacos.

No matter what, if you try this at home, for some reason, it never tastes the same as in prison.

Before you eat make sure you say a prayer to bless the food.
Break bread homie, don’t be a cheapskate, we’re putting a spread together. When we make the Baller Spread, everyone pitches in.
by OG Laa-Laa June 01, 2010
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