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Balla Outrageous - Something so awesome or tight, that the only response would be how balla outrageous it is.

A reponse to someone's statement.
A) What did you do last night bro?
B) I got piss ass drunk and dove off my roof.
A) Thats balla outrageous dude.
by A-to-the-Gudo June 14, 2009
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Adj. Coming from the two terms balla-Term meaning, great, amazing, top shelf, the best, good, ect....used to describe a person, place, or thing. and outrageous-something that is the bomb and unbelievable when put together you acquire the term Ballaoutrageous which will suffice to describe someone or something when neither one of those words will do or if its just that amazing. Can also describe a state of being when balla won't do either.
Dog, that new call of duty mwf2 if ballaoutrageous.

If your wondering how I did that its cause I am ballaoutrageous.

In case you did not know my nigga, I'm ballaoutrageous.
by The Original B.A.M.F. November 10, 2009
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