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Also known as 'Bollock Brushing', it is the unfortunate act of unintentionally allowing ones testicles to come into contact with those of another male during a sexual act with a female, where both the men involved are heterosexuals.

Ball brushing can occur at many stages during an act such as a threesome, where both the males are exploiting the lower region/s of the female. In the somewhat cramped conditions of the vagina during a threesome, it is easy to look control of the oscillation of you testicles. Careless fluctuation of the 'bollocks' can lead to a sometimes unnavoidable case of ball brushing.

Female: uh uh oh yea!
Male 1: Yer! say my name bitch!
Female: Oh fuck yer, give it to me Male 1
Male 2: Urgh!! Shit man mind the ball brushing!
Male 1: Fuck! Sorry dude my bad, I got carried away
by Rory Quinn aka Jelly Man July 10, 2008
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