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When something is both Baller status and Bad ass
Baller Status Meaning: Somebody who is recognized as Popular and also of what they have done. Being Baller gives you more power over a lot of people

Bad Ass Meaning: Awesome in every way
Dude! I just made a shot from half court with my eyes closed behind my back." "Dude thats hella ball ass"
by Icy20104 October 11, 2010
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A word to descibe very cold weather conditions that adversely affect human males. It refers to when the male genitalia is drawn up due to it's response to cold conditions.
Man it is ball ass cold out today.

I can't find my sack, I'm suffering from ball ass.
by Hey Buddy Jay December 11, 2006
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to run extremely fast, to dip with the quickness, mostly from the cops.
Yo, i was tappin this young broad and her papa dukes rolled up in the driveway, i had to ball ass out the back door with my junk still hangin out.
by Laura January 22, 2005
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