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When your underwear rides up, so you’ve gotta drop it low real quick. You may think that the added theatrics of this move distract from the fact that your package is getting mummy-wrapped by your 100%-cotton christmas cat boxers. But really, it just looks like you’re trying to lay an egg.
This is the third time since Memorial Day that he’s blown out the crotch in his white chinos. Dude’s gotta lay off with the ball drop.
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by Tommy_John December 03, 2015
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A rare condition that occurs when you have bigcockitus, causing your phone to lose signal strength when placed anywhere near your testicular region, and completely drop reception when placed beside your gonads.
Did you hear that Jim was diagnosed with Balldrop? Any time a phone goes near his dick, it instantly loses reception!
by CurseOfTheBalls October 14, 2011
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An official ball drop takes place when a girl first gets your dick hard. You then pour champagne over the head so that it trickles down your balls. Your partner licks your ass with a cupped tongue taking in the champagne. A favorite New Year's Eve tradition that has also been called the "New Year's Luge."
We ran out of champagne, so I gave her a ball drop with colt 45.
by Takers McGiven December 29, 2007
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A random ball that gets lowered ever so slowly on New year's Eve that everyone watches for some strange reason to welcome the new year.
Yo you gon watch the balldrop tonight and get hammered with me?
by Chyea81018 December 31, 2018
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