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'baldwieped' is the term used when someone comes to visit you and leaves a trail of destruction around your house.

NB. The destruction can range from a simple case of crumbs ground into your carpet, to kitchen items being used and left out. Quite regularly you will find that, following being 'baldwieped', items are not in the place that you left them.

Being 'baldwieped' can be avoided by removing the person from the house in the early stages of destruction, OR, if unable, rescinding the invite to your house at a later stage.

Above all costs avoid being 'baldwieped'. The cleaning process is quite regularly incredibly time consuming.
Crumbs and cheese ground into the rug? Bottles and unwashed crockery? Wait... What are my tights doing hanging off the beam?! Dammit I've been 'baldwieped'!
by swippy_m June 11, 2010
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