A type of hair highlighting that looks more natural. More color is added to the end of the hair rather than the root. Originated from France.
Most celebrities will use balayage when they want to add color to their hair
by Ashley L. H. August 6, 2006
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A vague word made up by Susan
Everyone was looking for a balayage that doesn't exist.
by Reality hurts March 30, 2018
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Balayage Energy is the combination of Balayage (the hairstyle) and colloquial term energy (mood or aura someone gives off). Balayage Energy is a negative term given to POCs who hate themselves and their POCs counterparts and do or say things that demeans themselves and their community. First used to represent Asian and Hispanic women that only have white friends and only date white men the majority of them having Balayage hair.
Person 1: Whats the deal with Bro? He said maybe we should leave our culture at home because it isn't relevant to class isn't he Hispanic and isn't Spanish class?
Person 2: I Know right he's giving off real Balayage energy
Person 3: You hate to see it. Damn.
Person 1 & 2: Where the fuck you come from?
by uofofn September 19, 2022
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When your sexual partner provides fingular pleasure while sucking on your butt hairs.
Susan!!! Get ya ass over here!! I need that balayage pronto!!
by Gretatatata January 8, 2020
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