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A male, generally between the ages of 23 and 52, who lives with his parents, in a van or a home for the asexual. A Bakatu does not have real life friends and is generally not circumcised until the age of 32. Bakatu's are proficient at online games, solitaire, masturbation, role playing games and acting on homosexual thoughts. When not doing these activities a Bakatu spends his time posting on message boards pretending to be something he is not, educated. Bakatu's are disliked by all, especially their family and people who know them in real life.
This Bakatu has posted the same lame joke on 20 times today. I cannot wait until his circumcision, so there is at least one day he doesn't post.

My daughter is dating an unemployed high school drop out who beats her, but at least he is not a Bakatu.
by IslandGuy2000 September 08, 2011
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