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Filipino slang term for a large and well-fed bangus or milkfish. This type of fish is well-known in the Philippines, and can be cooked or prepared in many varieties, such as, but not limited to:
- Fried/Smoked Bangus
- Steamed Bangus
- Relyenong (Stuffed with diced onions, salty egg and tomatoes) Bangus

For all types of preparations, the belly of the bangus, or "bangus belly" is usually the most sumptuous part of the fish's body since it has the softer meats and contains majority of the fish fats and oils. These fish fats and oils, contrary to fats coming from land-based animals, are very healthy and usually contain good amounts of Omega-3.

The term "Bagkus" originated from the merging of the words "Batak" (muscular) and Bangus. Despite its unorthodox and "commoner" sounding usage, it is a term used mostly by the young and fancy members of the upper classes.
I'm stuffed, that bagkus was incredibly filling and worth the wait!
I hate how you can buy bangus from random vendors and yet fresh bagkus is just so hard to come by.
Bagkus bagkus, and aking bagkus; gayot 'kong bangus (Bagkus bagkus, my bagkus, my muscular bangus)
by toplesspapa July 09, 2013
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