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a being of supreme loss for they have a bagel for a face.
Dude did you see that bagelface at the busstop blowing his nose on that labrador. Dude need to get a life.

Joe, Just because you failed mathenomics doesn't make you a total bagel face.
by Wordmaster, Master of words September 24, 2010
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A overtly sexual phenomenon where a man falls asleep with his testicals on a woman's cheek leaving a indentation on the cheek, with the appearnce of a bagel.
After their perverted sexual encounter, she was left with a bagel face.
by Mrbogie January 26, 2018
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the name for a face (typically that of a woman) that would look better covered in cream cheese.
Yeah, but she def has a bagel face.
by ezra1001 March 29, 2011
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