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So stupid, you can't put it in another way. Usually said after hearing a joke that's not funny, but dumb.
"Chad, that's a bag of dumb."
by Zanmark November 15, 2004
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best explained as a way to describe prissy faggot men (usually in their twenties) who work at Hot Topic and take way too much pride in their work ($170.03 per week).

These cellulites can usually be seen leaning on the sticker counter (arms crossed) loudly voicing opinionated insults at customers (commonly customers who don't live up to the tackiness status)

History: A word spawned from the the mouths Hot Topic empolyees in early 2008 used to describe the inbred tacky group of Hot Topic employees
Tacky H.T.E. : "Need help finding anything?"
Customer: "No, I'm just looking, thanks."
Tacky H.T.E. : (loudly) "You don't need to lie. Wandering around on a friday night with nothing to do, I know how it is, I know how it is. A new shirt might help."
H.T.E. : "Dude, you're a bag of dumb."
Tacky H.T.E. : "What?"
Customer: "If your dick's as scrawny as your arms, you're in trouble."
by freedomfighters June 18, 2008
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