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A discussion involving the acquisition, pursuit, or general properties of the bag or bags, which can refer not only to a finite sum of money but also a general picture of ones income.
Aye bruh you tryna collab on a track? I’m not just lookin for a feature I’m tryna build u digg?”

“ If it ain’t bag talk I ain’t talking, get up out my dms till u bring the check”
by 🅱️🅱️🅱️ June 07, 2018
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A conversation had usually with a stranger compossed almost entirely of lies, The purpose of which is to derive pleasure by miss leading the bagie.As a rule the more out ragious the claim the better the bag.
"That was some serious bag talk last nite, i convinced her my father was a mongolian albino midget".
by Fintan Kelly January 21, 2008
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The act of discretely doing cocaine, coming from the baggies that cocaine is usually delivered in.
“Hey chad, we going to do some Bag Talk at the club later?”
Hell yeah man, always down for some Bag Talk!”
by TheWorldTraveller April 12, 2019
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