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Baenoculars (n) bahy-nok-yuh-ler(s)
When one places his hands to his eyes as tunnels to assist him in the search for "Bae" (see Bae)
Can also be used with one hand to make a "baescope" if one had lost a hand in Nam.
"Dude is Eddie with that girl from the smoothie shop across the street?! Yeah man, he saw her using his baenoculars and they've been inseparable since"

"Yo tee, what are you doing?"
"I just spotted a 10 pointer with my baenoculars."
by evil lemon July 09, 2014
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Looking device used to spot bae if she's to far away
Where's bae? Oh I found her through my

by thatgirlthatlikesfood July 07, 2014
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