The worst discord server, all the mods will ban you for saying cock, they even banned me
Person 1: Yo can you invite me to Badorkbee
Person 2: nah fam the mods are shit
by Nuclear Silo June 1, 2020
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A discord server made by the creators of the hit Roblox game: “Isle”. The definition of the word unfunny.
MAN: “Hey man, have you seen badorkbee’s memes?” MAN2: “Yeah, they’re super unfunny.”
by NPC #29273 August 30, 2020
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Fun Police and too Sensitive because they Censored Sex and Cock
Person 1 : "sex"

Person 2 : "no don't say that Badorkbee Mods will ban you"

Badorkbee mod : "Bans person 1"
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Oh my god... Nerd (Badorkbee) is here he's so lovely and cute I would fuck his booty
by Tostado_ August 23, 2022
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