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A real bad Hoochie. A fugly, nasty, disease infested, dead ass smelling Hoochie. Far worse than your average cum dumpster.
WARRNING Never let a Badoochie give you a hummer.

Man i was banging some chick lastnight and I could'nt stop dry heaving, now I can't stop itching I guess that was one nasty badoochie.

Dude go take a shower you smell like a badoochies ass.
by Doughnut_Slayer July 02, 2009
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A combination of the words booty, ass and coochie. Generally refers to the smell of a room that just had a lot of sex in it.
I walked in on my roommates having sex with their girls in the same room. It smelled like straight badoochie in there!
by iamcoppo February 25, 2017
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to be outlandishly whavky, typically while drinking, almost always with the same 3 people.
Erika was a total badoochie at the party the other day. Her friends were so hungover the next day, they thought they were passing away.

"I was so badoochie last night! I'm so hung over I might commit..."
by Seanathan3347 July 07, 2017
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