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The degraded mental and physical state of existence which occurs following a twisted session of intoxication. Extreme gurning, severe bad breath and absence of any communication skills are key factors in determining whether a person is truly 'badger-fucked'. However, this condition naturally lends itself to self-diagnosis - sometimes only the victim can fully assess their own shambolic state.

This condition is exclusively the result of excessive (and sometimes mixed) drug taking - usually focussing around a party or clubbing night. Moderate alcohol consumption and all-night dancing, fuelled by Ecstacy, leave the individual thoroughly monged and perilously close to the edge. In this situation, the smoking of a large cannabis reefer or bong is most likely to ensure progression to a state of 'badger-fucked'.

Basic whitey management should be employed at all stages to avoid early disaster.
Dropping in the Absinthe Bar got things started and Harding's stomping set did the business, so we were pretty monged as we shambled back to the Bulldog sometime after 6am. The bong immediately made an entrance and 45 minutes later I was absolutely badger-fucked.
by Alastair November 12, 2003
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