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A person who checks for a badge or other proof of allowance into an area, makeing sure not to let them pass, no matter the circumstances, until they see the above proof.

Usaly youll find these people at anime conventions, or similer, bored out of their mind
Person A: Badge?
person B: ~flips part of shirt up to show badge to Badge Nazi~
Person A: ok you can go through
by Landel December 08, 2010
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A Badge Nazi is a man who masturbates over military badges while cruising military badge forums looking for prey. They most likely have an inferior badge collection to their peers and are predominately single or divorced. The few who have partners have usually brainwashed them. Although they claim to be hetrosexual they like their woman in men's military uniform and will only have sex doggy style. A Badge Nazi never believe's he's wrong but if things don't go to plan or if he feels threatned he'll get his Badge Nazi mates to back him up.
It was only when I disagreed with him that I realised he was a Badge Nazi
by Oskar Schindler April 21, 2011
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Someone who thinks only German cars are good and hates on cars made by companies of other countries. They judge a car based off the car badge/emblem brand and assume any car badge of any non-German company is bad. They overlook the car itself and only care about the German brand name. Hence the term Nazi because they only like German cars and hate every car that isn't from a German brand.
Person: Ooh look at that Corvette!
Badge Nazi: Who cares, any 4-series is better than that because it ain't from the autobahn.
by tripleu July 16, 2016
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