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A female who only dates police officers, fire fighters, or medical personnel. They will use any and all means to lure a badge-wearing civil servant into their home in order to trap the victim in a sexual relationship, and possibly, trick the badge-wearer into becoming the Badge Fucker's baby daddy.

Typically, a Badge Fucker will involve the police, fire brigade, or EMT's in every aspect of her life, without shame. She'll offer discounts at her place of employment, conspicuously play with her children at or near the local police station, even speak in "radio code" around her friends. All in the name of gaining a civil servant as her baby daddy.
Miss Piggy would suck the green off Kermit's cock if he were wearing a badge right now. She's such a Badge Fucker!
by Bigger James Slade June 01, 2012
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