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A hereditary trait passed on from birth in which the child tends not to give two shits about what other people have to say and does his own thing. The levels of Bad Assoriosis can be rated from one to Five. Level one being a slightly aggresive attitude and stubbourness. Level Five being an absolute confidence in ones authority that when he/she is challenged he/she might put someone in a coma with their own shoe, shit on their chest, and then fuck the poor bastard's significant other regardless of sex, age, or race.

In some cases, one blessed with Bad Assoriosis may not pass it on to their child, thus resulting in said child being a total pussy fart or in some cases this might be reffered to as a queef.
I met this man last night and he punched me in the face and fucked my mom, He got her number and said he would call but he never did, He must have had Bad Assoriosis.
by Skybo67 October 11, 2009
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