When a book, game, movie, or other such story comes to an abrupt and often tragic end.
There once was a boy named Timmy who loved his mother very much. One day, he went out to pick her some flowers, and was hit by a car. Bad end.
by Arne83 November 6, 2009
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An ending that occurs when the player finishes the video game but is not completely successful for some reason, as opposed to a good ending.
This game has come to an bad ending.
by gaeulie September 10, 2021
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Bad End Friends. Kids from cartoons who are bad.

They said said "nah we wanna go to the darkside."

There are many bad end friends but there are 3 main ones. But let me list them all.

Ice Finn
Beast Wirt

Evil Morty

Demon Marco
Pak Dib
Mubirty star
Button eye Caroline

Birthday Mabel

And soooooo much more. Basically any character from a cartoon that is evil.
Person 1: "Oh hay have do you know Bad End Friends?

Person 2: "No."

Person 1: "Oh. Well let me show you!"
by I have no will to live October 18, 2019
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