Individual or entity with the prior history of being intellectually dishonest, or who has already revealed themselves as lacking objectivity but is operating under false pretenses.
“We already know you’re a “Bad Actor” Ken, you already told me you love Trump, so don’t go telling me you’re a Democrat making an objective criticism of Biden now.
by BlueoverRed August 13, 2020
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A person that attempts to lie, cheat, or decieve, in a poor manner.Can be used positively or negatively.
Dad:You stole my beer didnt you?
Son:No I was moving it and they opened and spilled
Dad:You're a bad actor.

You wont hold up in court, you're a bad actor.
by freddyg November 5, 2005
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oh my god who casted this retard in the film, he cant act his way out of a paper bag.
by John Harris June 12, 2004
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Criminal , ill-tempered
relate to (idiomatic-law)
bad actors want to sniff out data from accounts at Google!
by Alimdst101 October 30, 2018
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