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Baconchovie (bay-cun-cho-vee)
Baconchovie is is a cross between bacon and an anchovy, normally used as a pizza topping.
Baconchovie: Half pig, Half fish. Hunted and gathered during ancient times, is considered a delicacy among royalty. Normally hunted by horseback, but during modern times the hunting of this rare entree has evolved. Baconchovie is now hunted by air and has been made famous by gyrocopter enthusiast, C. Denny and his book "Intro to the Hunt: Baconchovie by air in the Viva*la*ranger 520 gyrocopter". C. Denny passed on when his co pilot dropped a bag of polished nails on his head during his research of his unfinished book "Penguins: where do I get one".
Excuse me, I left my can of baconchovies in your Ford Ranger.

I do enjoy a pizza-pie slathered in baconchovies
by LongLiveTheRBV June 20, 2010
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