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One of the many sports that is a branch of Darkour.

Backyard-Racing involves one or more person(s) that find themselves hopping fences through the suburbs for various reason. It can be defined as: random fun, escape routes, stealing bikes, breaking lawn furniture, pool hopping, entering unlocked garages, ripping down clothes lines, placing lawn furniture in neighbors yard (neighboring), féncing, looking for grown marajuana, trampoline jumping, hammock squatting or anything creatively hell raising.

Usually best to do at night although guard dogs can be a problem.

And not too fun in the winter, considering wet socks are the most buzzkill thing that can happen to a person.
"Dude I was Backyard-Racing yesterday, and somebody had a fucking mirror on their fence. When I saw my reflection I thought it was the house owner watching me. Gave me a heart attack."

"Yo, I got this bike from Backyard-Racing."

"That dog chased me right out of his yard."
by Shadeuxx March 05, 2010
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