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Known as the 'Dark side' of Parkour. Much like Parkour- it uses free-flowing movement in which mind and body are unified to conquer the urban landscape.

Although the methods are the same, the teachings are polar opposites. Darkour is practiced at night, reason being it usually involves illegal activity.

Unlike Traceur's, Shadeux's try to leave their marks through acts of vandalism, graffiti, arson, mischief, trespassing and even occasionally burglary, robbery and breaking & entering.

The thrill of the chase is what drives a Shadeux to acquire such adrenaline rushes. Usually their acts result in Police & citizen pursuit in which they use suburban backyards & public building roofs to safely get away.

Darkour originated in the Greater Toronto Area back in 2006, more notably in Mississauga & Oakville due to their large amount of residential areas, weak/slow police force and low security public schools, building and parking lots.

Devils night (Oct 30) is considered the birthday of Darkour.
Shadeux: "Last night I broke into a school, pulled the fire alarm and waited at the front door for the police."

Citizen: "Why in the name of God's tits would you do that?"

Shadeux: "So when the cops arrived I could yell "FUCK THA POLICE" and disappear into the night!"

Citizen: "Darkour rocks!"
by J-Train March 05, 2010
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Darkour was made by Team Darkour it doesnt really mean anything.
It was just a combination of Dion and Parkour
Dion + Parkour = Darkour

Dion is the last name of the people that started the team
Josh (or Jay) Dion and Markie Dion
They dont commit vandalism or any crimes for that matter. There is one thing people got right though, they do enjoy a
rush just not from being chased by police.
We are Team Darkour stop downing us.
by Darkour fan March 16, 2010
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