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The Backterwards is the area on the back directly below the shoulder blades. The name pertains directly to that of bafterwards, which is located in a similar location on the opposite side of the torso. Street names for the Backterwards include Bakty, Baktoid, and baksoon, to name a few. Due to the Backterwards' sensitive location, it is generally used while engaging in pleasurable activites, usually pertaining to sex. Common ways to incorporate the Backterwards into sexual activity include, but are not limited to, rubbing, squeezing, biting, licking, teasing, and pulling, depending on the elasticity and/or tenderness of the skin.
"Zack gave a satisfied grunt as he twisted and teased Robby's tender Baksoon, keeping his prey in the palm of his chody hands."

"The Backterwards is commonly related to car accidents among teenagers and young adults"
by Zacky Deans April 26, 2006
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