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The bafterwards is a part on everyones body that is located nearest the armpit and the nipple. It is often used as a way to show affection for someone. Some common ways of doing so are, biting, licking, sucking, or kissing the baftarwards. Also the baftarwards has a few street names such as bafty and baftoid, to name a couple. The reason that this body part is not commonly discussed is because unbeknownst to many this is a very real body part. Most commonly expressed is that the plumper the bafterwards the better however, bafterwards come in many shaps and sizes and some people prefer smaller and boneier, but most prefer plump ones. So when push comes to shove the bafty is and forever will be a real body part, that is very pleasurable.
Robby: Zack, I think that it is time to sink my teeth into your lovely bafty.
Nyle: I completely agree... this may hurt a bit.
Zack: Thats incorrect it always feels great when you bite my bafterwards, you idiot.
by Zack Hormel-Deans Boltansky April 26, 2006
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A part of everyones body that appears between the nipple and the armpit and it is often used to please someone. It is possible to lick, squeeze, and kiss the bafterwards.
Nyle: May I squeeze your bafterwards?
Zack: You don't have to ask just go for it.
Robby: Oh! me too Nyle!
by Zack Boltansky January 18, 2006
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