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"Back of X's/his Camaro" or "back seat of a/the Camaro" are fairly popular terms conveying a shady place where some crazy shit is going down, or where no one wants to be.

Camaro is an affordable, domestic muscle/sports car known for its mullet-rocking and/or lunatic drivers, who are more often than not, total speed freaks.

The back of every Camaro is very cramped, dark and hard too see in from outside (no back windows and massive C-pillars) and generally pretty uncomfortable.
Amir: "...there's blood everywhere. Next thing I know I'm the back of Donny's Camaro, he's the best man, and people are begging me not to fall asleep." -Jake and Amir - Beeper

"I wanna see a picture of what happens at the end of the night, Dave. Lisa's in the back seat of a Camaro getting fingered by some guy who's never gonna call her again cause she threw up while she came." -Dov Davidoff - The Laugh Factory

"Getting banged in the back of a Camaro is the new meritocracy"

"Don't try to make out in the back of a Camaro"

"gibbs pounded a really hot girl in the back of his camaro" -Urban Dictionary pound definition #3.
by randomguy908727 August 07, 2011
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