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Taking any and every condiment/filling/topping/leftover in the fridge and putting it between a hotdog bun, hamburger bun, bread or any bread-like product due to extreme hunger or any sort of intoxication. Creating an interestingly delicious meal
I just ate a bachelor sandwich with ranch, mustard, mayo, hot sauce, pickles and cheese that I cut the mold off. I'm probably making another.

I was wasted the other day and ended up filling a pita with leftover penne in tomato sauce, mushroom soup and croutons. It was the best bachelor sandwich I've ever eaten.
by Smelface April 08, 2017
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A sandwich comprised of random collection of ingredients that can be found in a bachelor's kitchen. Also known as a bachelor sangwich, bachelor sammy, randy sammy, or potpournini (potpourri / panini)
Ryan made a bachelor sandwich with ham, gravy, pickles, one slice of bread, a tortilla, a hasbrown, and crushed Top Ramen.
by RonnieSan August 10, 2011
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