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Pronounced "bockling" - a team sport popular in major cities with sense populations where taxis are common place. Involves the rotation of team members in and out of different taxis, when said taxis are not in motion. More experienced players are able to barrel roll out of the taxi while it IS in motion. The sport requires the use of full body suits made out of a material and similar in design to that of a morph suit, with the addition of protective padding in key areas to avoid road rash. Helmets are also used, which are similar to full face motorcycle helmets with the addition of an intercom system allowing team mates to communicate with one another. The goal of the sport is to get to the specified destination the fastest via taxi only and without paying.
"She moved to New York City for bachauling."

"The state bachauling team made nationals!"
by Mgaze1234 February 01, 2013
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