Best casino card game ever. Originated in France or Italy around the early renaissance. Baccarat is the favourite game of the highest of high rollers.

It's real simple, two hands are dealt and you bet which one will win (player or bank), or that they will tie. The hand with the highest count wins. The highest score that can be achieved is 9 (natural) as it is a single digit game. For example 6 + 8 =14 =4.

Has the BEST player advantage of all casino games.
dude, i made $800k today betting on oil futures, lets hit the baccarat table!
by Yes9Yes9 November 20, 2010
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Pronounced: Back-A-Rat

Person who loiters around casino tables trying to earn rewards points on his/her membership card without actually placing any bets.
Outgoing supervisor: "Only three of these people are actually playing. All the rest are baccarats."

Incoming Supervisor: "Oh yes, the usual suspects are here."
by BriarRose999 November 19, 2011
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