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Bacarra is everything. You will find mostly drugs and canis who will threaten you in order to push you to the dark side. Bacarra is located in Gandia, and has always been the home of nasty rascals and bitches, as well as AZAS and expensive prostitutes. Moru likes going there to find inner peace and do drugs. You will find your naughty neighbour grinding with the very first cani she will find inside. AZAS will always be acquired by previous negotiation with the tipically Spanish pimp. Bacarra is the forbidden place for MARA, Moru's enemy (he tried going there twice, but he didn't succeed). Inside bacarra,time gets curved and abandons any logic. Music will never change, so that you are not able to find out what day of the week you find yourself. At the sixth day closing bacarra, your only desire will be to commit suicide, but you will be so exhausted that you will not be able to do so. Waitresses will want to asdrubal you, and musculous waiters will attempt to hit you with a STICK. The only way to get rid of these monsters is to remove other people's clothes with your mind, the problem is that you will not be able to do so because of your drunkness.
Last night I went to Bacarrá and I was sexually assaulted by Sarita, my neighbour.

Last night I went to bacarra and I can't remember anything, but that's normal.

Sarita asdrubaled me in bacarra.

Last night I went to bacarra and I was snaked by some sly AZAS.

MARA: "I couldn't get to bacarra, as usual"
by elcobreadordesevilla July 23, 2010
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