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A sexual act which takes place during the door knocker. While the man is beatin' it up in a pseudo-missionary position, and his balls are slapping on the girl's asshole(like a door knocker), said girl then proceeds to fart on his balls as they swing in the hot breeze. This is typically done as a signal that an orgasm is near, and expedites the process.
Man) "oooh, you like that?"
girl) "Aaah, knock on that door"
Man) "Oh God! Quick, give me the baby's breath!"
Girl) "Oh, OH, I'm cumming! Here it is! Hold On. Yes!"
Man) "Ah, yeah! {fart} it's like a kitten batting at my nuts!"
Man) "AH! Ah! ah...ah. Thanks for the baby's breath. I knew you'd enjoy the door knocker."
Girl) "Maybe next time, we could try a cone stacking."
by DaSkrete April 05, 2009
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