Having or making a finger baby is simply the act of fingering as performed by a lesbian to another. Lesbians are women and they do not have penises so they cannot actually make a baby. Rather, they finger each other, thus colloquially sex can be called making a finger baby, or often, making finger babies. See the "finger babies" entry.
"You're hot. I want to have your finger baby."
by Jesus1934923848383484 August 6, 2008
When you finger a woman so well that it gets her pregnant.
Annie got finger blasted so hard that she's pregnant now. The doctor said it' a finger baby.
by Chumpy12335 November 17, 2019
When you have finger to vaginal intercourse you make finger babies, because when you make a real baby you have penis to vaginal intercourse.
How was your date, did you make finger babies?
by antlb April 16, 2007
When you come on your hand, in which there's a cut on your finger thus resulting in a finger baby.
After Jason's fifth ejaculation of the day, he realized he had a good chance of having a finger baby 9 months later.
by BlakeP July 11, 2008
A super hot girl. She has really little fingers that everyone wants to hold. She bags mad dick. Her fingers = the shit. She's got the cake too...
Dayumm did you see Baby Fingers last night? She looked right!
by BABYFINGERS February 21, 2011