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n. A girl who's name can be shortened to Al (Allie, Alexandra, Allison, Ali, etc.) she's a girl you take home to your parents. She is blonde, short and has the chest of pre-pubescent middle schooler. She likes songs that she can dance to but also belt out in the car (boys bands and Taylor swift). Baby Al loves animals to the point of obsession. Her favorite color is glitter with pink being a close second. She often "woos" at the bar whilst dancing in circles, typically while holding another baby Al.

Adj. can also be used to describe one of Baby Al's favorite things.
"Saw Baby Al dancing to Grease at the bar last night"

Adj. a teeny bopper song typically popular in the early 2000's comes on the radio to which one would reply "this is such a baby Al song"
by Harrysays January 15, 2015
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