The phenomenon where a country's hottest women migrate to the same city, usually because it's its cultural Mecca, or is just chiller and hipper than the rest of the country.

Analogous to 'brain drain'. Also referred to as 'babe suck'. Technically (but way less radly) called 'babely capital flight'.
Canada experiences a lot of babe drain from the Rest of Canada to Montreal. All the girls who are chasing after money move to Toronto, but all the most beautiful hippest ones from Toronto, Vancouver, and every suburb and city in between move to Montreal because it's way cooler and the standard of living is way better. It's tough to spend your days thrifting and making art and nights going to poetry readings and shows if you've got obscene rent to pay, or if there aren't any shows to go to.
by secretuser420 February 17, 2023
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