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A group of huge fucking scene kids that do nothing but talk a bunch of shit, and get really bad tattoos. Ideals include: being asshats, going to shows and talking a bunch of shit yet doing nothing, being cool(rofl jk), and doing anything but being chill.
"Man those BYOCF kids are fucking idiots. They think just because they're fat and covered in 50 dollar tattoos that we'd be afraid of them. Fuck them! Courage Crew is better."
by BYOCF Kid. October 22, 2008
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A hardcore crew from northern Kentucky. They are usually only spotted at the Florence, KY Mall and the Covington, KY Mad Hatter Music Club. They typically try to start fights with everyone who does hold the exact same belief system as them. They are not to be feared, because they will talk a lot of smack but never really do anything. They recently changed their name to FOE or "fagotry over everything"
"Dude, John from bycof wants to fight me, I think I'm going to go fight him, BYOCF is gay!"
"Tight dude, just bring 29 friends with you to even up the fight. BYOCF can't fight unless they think they are going to outnumber you 30 to 1!"
by Josh Trenkamp March 04, 2009
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Bring Your Own Crew Family; A whack hardcore crew from Northern Kentucky.

They act hard when they know they don't have to fight, but when they're out-matched they say "I don't get why everyone hates us so much; We're just a bunch of dudes that hang out."
"Dude, let's not go to the show tonight; BYOCF might be there."

"I'm getting out of the mosh pit; Those fucking badasses from BYOCF are getting in!"

"BYOCF is so hood!"
by David Policastro March 19, 2008
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