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A Sweedish company that produces engine tuning kits for a wide variety of cars, including Saab, Volvo, Seat, Fiat, VW, BMW, Opel, Mercedes, and Audi.

BSR's Protable Program Carrier (PPC) plugs into the car's On-Board Diagnosic (OBD-II) Port (where the mechanic scans engine codes) and re-tunes the engine computer. The engine computer can also be de-tuned back to factory settings. The PPC is married to the car that it first tunes (sorry, you can't pass it around).

BSR PPCs can result in significant horsepower increases (40-70bhp), espeically in turbo cars. The result -- really fast "Q-Ship" cars.
Wanna take that Volvo S80 with the BSR logo? Don't even try it, slick, he's packin' almost 300bhp in that beast!
by BlueDevilBill November 16, 2006
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A non Black girl who has sex with Black Guys. Black Snake Rider.
A white girl who sleeps with Black men. A Black Snake Rider. BSR
by thewizard82 March 25, 2011
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Someone who bullshits or back stabs a 'friend'.
Ozkar: overkill said he wouldnt bs me at portals but he did gd bs'r
overkill: TY FOR FREE STOOF PLZPLZPL!112onetwo12!@
tyler: OMG PWND, 0ver K I L L is king bs'r
by proarrowpk August 18, 2006
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BSR is a swedish company providing tuning chips and other performance parts to premium cars such as Volvo, Saab and Audi. So when you se a BSR emblem at the trunk of an Volvo, move bitch and get out of way! Its best for you, ricer!
"See that S80 BSR T6 Volvo over there? Dont challenge it, your rice Accord boosted with K&N will get smoked, kiddo!
by Anti-Ricer July 26, 2006
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BSR: an acronym for Beat Skeet and Retreat
Tom: Yo Brian what you think of that chick?
Brian: Idk man shes not that hot but I'd BSR.
Tom: BSR?
Brian: Beat skeet and retreat!
by Brian A. S December 20, 2006
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"but spelt right"

1. for people who are bad at spelling and cba to correct it.
2. for people who are bad at typing and cba to correct it.
1. it was a neseccity (bsr)

2. have you been invited to kenny's boirhtday?


by ashelish July 19, 2008
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