A group of amateur netball players with botched skills.
The Bruckers lost the netball game (AGAIN)
by godpack August 19, 2021
RATCHET AS FUCK. usually ugly with a big booty.
Ivy brucker is so ratchet
by T_Raww the king September 23, 2014
A girl that is so sexy your legs stop working when you see her but she doesn't know how sexy she is, so she think she is kinda ugly. A girl with a ass and boobs and body that knocks you right off your feet, at least that is what happens when Tyler looks at her and it kills him to know that he can't see her ass every day. But he really wish's he could. But bailey can do that for him by sending her photos but she won't, at lest she hasn't for the past week or two.
bailey brucker is REALLY hot
by dude from Kamloops August 21, 2015
Paige Brucker is so cool I love her so much she is the best.
by Jack Ference November 8, 2021