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A girl that loves all and is in love with a boy and he doesn't understand he's all she needs someone who is loud but is silent on the inside someone who can sit at home alone and cry for hours at a time but seems totally happy to everyone else she has cuts and scars that nobody can see but she says I'm fine she's beautiful And loving and has a lot of hate for herself and has to many problems
by Fantasticfades May 29, 2017
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1. A girl that's down for a good time;and will do whatever with whoever.

2. A girl that dont give a damn about what she does sexually.

Usually everyone remembers her even after High School, especially the whole football team.
1. 'Hey Matt do you remember Breaunna?' 'Hell yeah the whole football team remembers her.'

2. 'Damn I need to lose my virginity, but who would do me?' 'Oh man no worries, Breaunna loves to lose dem' calories with ANYONE!'
by WhyYouNeedaKnow July 14, 2011
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