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NOUN: 1)"A "professional coach" for a "professional team"". Either one of the greatest trolls ever or an oblivious retard. Commentates on gameplay in which people do not watch for the content, but instead use against him to flame him to death. Pretends he is the best at just about everything when, in actuality, has no fucking idea what he is talking about. Repeatedly responds with quotes in an attempt to defend himself when all it does it make him look like a fool.

2) one who is at the bottom of the competitive gaming food chain. Yes, that's right. Lower than Playit2thelimit and the Suddoths.

VERB: To pretend to know what you are talking about when you really have no idea and your knowledge of the subject is about that of a 3-year old.

"What is this BOSSNASTi kid talking about? He has no idea how to play the game. How can he even pretend he does and make videos about it?"


John: ", I told them how they should have been playing the game and they got mad at me."

Chris: "Why would you tell them how to play? You aren't even good yourself."

John: "So?"

Chris: "way to BOSSNASTi some kids online. Don't ever talk to me again."
by On behalf of all April 13, 2011
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1. A white male who believes he is of the African american race, and repeatedly uses racial slurs.

2. A person whom once proven wrong uses random quotes that in all actuality has nothing to do with the original comment.

3. Delusional adult whom live with his/her parents.
1. Don't mess with a real nigga

2. The greatest ignorance is to reject something in which you know nothing about.

3. Justin silva

by SundanceMLG July 04, 2011
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