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A BOB or battery operated boyfriend, is a device that is available for people with BUFs (butt ugly faces). It is shaped like the male penis and has many different size and modes it can be used on. Only difference between this and the real thing is that the BOB will never reject u like John from 3rd grade. Unless u 1, have a rabid vagina or 2 run out of batteries.
Caitlin Jenner, it looks like someone hit you with an ugly stick, you should definitely buy a BOB (battery operated boyfriend) because not even Tom, the blind man with no legs down the road would fuck you.
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by Samthedickslayer September 16, 2016
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A BOB is a tool used for sexual pleasure usually shaped like male genitalia. They are obviously battery-operated hence the name and usually contain multiple vibrating functions including but not limited to

-Slow tease
-Paced Quicky
-Black Male Destroying Anal
"I accidently found my mums bob was still wet and moving"
"I can't Wait until I can get some alone time with Bob"

BOB(Battery Operated Boyfriend)-your moms dildo.
by Loki✌ September 15, 2016
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