The king of all mid-priced high performance sport coupes. Known for being the bench mark for all others in its class. Predominantly owned by cocky 25-40 year old men looking for an automobile that provides a high level of status combined with incredible performance.

The ultimate "Whip" for any 16-21 year old male due to its ostentatiously good looks and striking road presence (unfortunately none of them can afford one).
26 year old male pulls up to stoplight in his new BMW M3 only to notice a group of Teens staring him(his car) down. Quickly he presses the launch control button and as the light turns green floors the gas. This results in him leaving a 25 foot cloud of smoke in the air and ignites the neighborhood with the sound of succes. The teens are left with blank stares on there faces, jaws hanging open.
by Jmann93 November 17, 2011
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First produced in 1986, the 3 Series E30 M3 was the product of a factory effort to participate in German Touring Car racing. The primary opponent was the Mercedes 190 class. Both companies recognized the great interest in racing and the positive effects of racing on auto sales.
The power plant is high-performance 4-cylinder, a direct descendent of the M10 F-1 powerplant. The engine has a forged crank, a four valve head and strengthened internals, with 2.3 liters and 195 hp with a catalytic converter and 200 hp without.
by lue_driver March 31, 2005
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The BMW M3 is BMW's sport coupe. 1st introduced in 1986. It was designed to compete with the Mercedes Benz 190.

The e30 M3 was built for the track and won many races.

The e36 M3 was built for the track as well as the road and featured staggered wheel sizes and an I6 that produced around 320HP from a 3.0 or 3.2 liter engine depending on when the car was manufatcutred. In mid-late 90s there was a 4 door version.

The current M3 (e46) produces 333Bhp from a 3.2 liter inline 6. and has nearly all the ammentys one could want as options from heated seats to stabilty and traction control.
The M3 represents some of the finest German Automobiles made.
by Ben March 14, 2005
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A car that no other can compare to. The Luxury of BMWs and the speed the exceeds that of a Corvette.
My BMW M3 is better than your Benz.
by Ryan March 18, 2003
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The illest sports sedan ever. The car is sleek looking but one wouldn't expect it to dust a porche 911, and a nissan skyline like an f16 vs a learjet. You will fuck shit up In this fine piece of German art.
Jimal: ah shit son my pumped up nissan is gonna wreck yo ass up shit son
Nate: cool story brah I can't wait to blow past your trash talking ass in my stock bmw m3 with 444 horse power at 180mph ripping through your ass like an f22 raptor. Better hold onto your shit tight.
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 12, 2010
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The bone stock mass produced M3, not a race or GTR version is an increddible car, with prestine handling. It is the performance line of the BMW 3 series. Also known to be misunderstood as Vette undertakers which is not true.
The vette wins.
Performance log.
1/4 mile:12.5@114.8
Top Speed: 161 mph actual/155mph indicated (electronically limited)

0-60 mph:3.7
0-100 mph:7.9
1/4 mile:11.5 sec @ 127 mph
Top Speed:198 mph

That M3 got smoked by that Vette from start to finish.
by Skyzr March 03, 2008
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BMW's m3 is part of BMW's Tuner series which also consist of BMW's 3 series (325i, 335i, ect.) The 06' model of the m3 is most popular being that its fast, LOOKS GREAT, and has MANY aftermarket parts such as Body Kits (BMW E-46 GTR (Flossman) Full Wide Body Kit) which is also the most popular body kit for this car
dam....that BMW m3 wit that wide body will pwn that supra
by er!k harris December 29, 2007
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