P1: "Hey have you heard BLG's new song?"
P2: "ya mean: I used to be love drunk, and now i'm hungover. love you forever, forever is over! that one?"

P1: "I guess you have heard it."
by xxx~Nemo~xxx August 2, 2009
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The theory that when bitches are offered granola, they are unable to resist their inner biological urge for granola; therefore, bitches love granola.
1. "Yo, guess what my girlfriend ate for breakfast this morning."
"Yeah, how'd you know?"
"Duh, BLG!"

2. Guy: Hey bitch, want some granola?
Girl: Yeah!
Guy: Damn right. BLG!
by ME&SD December 8, 2008
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The band alson known as Boys Like Girls. They were a good band until they somehow got on TRL and now think they are the most famous shits alive. The band is lead by flake ass lead singer Martin Johnson, who is not single anymore, so sorry dudes and dudettes, but mostly dudes. Now that they are ruined and complete lame asses they will probably turn out like Fall Out Boy and be just as dumb as Pete Wentz and his suicide attempting ass.
"BLG can throw themselves away and make their Great Escape into nothing and die."
by Taaayyyaaaa August 6, 2007
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A way to skip some parts in SM64
For do a BLG you need to do a long jump backwards and glitch through a wall
by R18b March 14, 2021
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In Super Mario 64, the way to skip the infinite stairs without 70 stars, the door of the boss fight in the basement without 30 stars, and to enter the aquarium in Jolly Roger Bay room
by R18b February 16, 2021
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