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To be extremely annoyed or angered to where you say a strange combination of letters which leads down to the BLARGHLE statement.
BLARGHLE! I failed the test!!!
by Shadow_S.W. May 23, 2014
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To blarghle is to suck, or choke, on a dick very passionately, as to produce a "blarghle" sound. To blarghle on a dick well, one must have said dick tickle his tonsils, or lack thereof, though this is not necessary since dick blarghling must at least produce the distinct blarghle sound to be considered blarghling.
Jessy just loves dicks, she blarghles them on a weekly basis.

Man you have to see this video, Jessy is just blarghling that cock!
by DickBlarghler June 16, 2015
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