1. When a crowd of strange, young, Justin Bieber-obsessed girls decides that they will all purchase the latest Justin Bieber single multiple times until it is on the top of the iTunes chart. They will keep telling people to BIEBERBLAST ITUNES on Twitter until Justin himself retweets them.

2. Justin Bieber's method of world domination, starting with the tweenage girls. AND IT'S WORKING.
1. Justin Bieber fangirl's tweet (often with "Bieber" in her username): @justinbieber OMG! Let's BIEBERBLAST ITUNES and get One Time all the way to the top! I bought it 11 times already!

2. Justin Bieber: Hahaha... BIEBERBLAST! The world will soon become mine... One wasted $1.29 at a time.
by BananaMilkshake January 30, 2010
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The effect Justin Bieber took over the 10-14 year old girls everywhere; What happens when any girlish-sounding boy becomes a star and sings about love forcing girls to love him for no damned reason
Concerned Citizen 1: What's with the 10-14 year old girls these days?
Concerned Citizen 2: Oh it's just a case of Bieber Blast.
Concerned Citizen 1: DAMN YOU BIEBER!!!
Concerned Citizen 3: Leave it to Bieber to screw up the nation
by Oso-fuego13 April 19, 2010
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